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New York Counterfeiting Defense Lawyer

Counterfeiting is a type of white collar crime that involves creating a false, and often cheaper imitation of money and other types of legal tender.  But in New York, you can’t walk down the street without seeing vendors selling fake DVDs, “designer” sunglasses and purses, watches, and more.

White Collar Crime - Manufacuring, selling, and owning of Counterfeit items

The people manufacturing these items are trying to make a quick buck, but New York state laws as well as federal investigators are cracking down on the manufacturers, vendors, and consumers of counterfeit items.  If you have found yourself facing charges for counterfeiting, please contact our firm today to speak with a New York white collar crimes lawyer about your case.

An Attorney can Argue against the validity of your counterfeiting charges

Many people facing counterfeiting charges may or may not have known that the item was a fake.  This is especially true for consumers, but vendors can be duped too.  By appointing a New York white collar crimes lawyer to your case, you can be sure that a thorough presentation of the evidence – which includes your intent to commit a crime or lack thereof – will be presented to the court.

If you believe you are being investigated for counterfeiting or have been accused of doing so in New York City, it is vital to contact a criminal defense lawyer, like Jonathan Marks PC, who will represent you throughout the proceedings and fight against the accusations with a focus on your best interests. The penalties can be harsh. If the defendant is not a U. S. citizen, he faces deportation.

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