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Criminal Law Firm of Jonathan Marks - Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of Jonathan Marks’s recent successful cases?
Mr. Marks just won a sentence of time served for a client with a long history of criminal activities and convictions.  He convinced the judge, sitting in the U. S. District Court in Manhattan, that the client had successfully rehabilitated himself and that a long period of supervised release rather than a prison term was warranted.  In another case in federal court in Brooklyn, he won a comp­­­lete acquittal in a narcotics trafficking case in federal court by successfully cross-examining the government’s informant and a police officer.   In a case in the U. S. District Court in Central Islip he achieved a startling result when his client who pled guilty to accepting over $100,000 in bribes received a suspended sentence, a rare phenomenon,  In a state case in Manhattan, the District Attorney exercised his discretion not to prosecute a client  for cashing more than $10,000 in counterfeit checks  In a case in Queens, the property manager of a condominium embezzled more than $200,000. Mr. Marks obtained  a plea to misdemeanor with community service. 

Who handles the cases at the Law Offices of Jonathan Marks?

Mr. Marks will handle your case personally, will appear for you in court and will closely supervise other lawyers working on aspects of your case such as motions, inspection of discovery, and legal research.

What makes Jonathan Marks an experienced & qualified lawyer?

Mr. Marks graduated from Harvard Law School in 1968. He was a federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York from 1974 through 1978, has been practicing criminal defense in the federal and state courts for thirty years and has taught trial advocacy to lawyers and law students at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Cardozo Law School, Hofstra Law School and the Legal Aid Society of New York. Jonathan Marks has consistently been awarded Martindale Hubbell’s highest rating (AV) for eompetence and integrity.

What is Jonathan Marks’s win-loss record?

Any criminal defense lawyer (with perhaps one exception) who claims he has never lost a case is either inexperienced or untruthful.  Mr. Marks, a seasoned trial lawyer, has a record of winning most of his cases.  However, his success is measured not only by his win-loss record at trial but by the number of criminal cases in which he was able to obtain a dismissal before trial or a favorable outcome in terms of the sentence imposed.  Since few cases go to trial, the outcome of cases before trial is even more meaningful from most clients’ point of view than a lawyer’s victories at trial. 

What are some examples of Jonathan Marks’s recent successful cases?

During the past year, for example, Mr. Marks  obtained:  an acquittal of all counts in a narcotics trafficking case in federal court; a disorderly conduct conviction  for a man who shot at (but missed) his son-in-law with  a shotgun in his house in Brooklyn; an agreement to allow a client charged in federal court with laundering over $12 million in drug money to resolve the case with a plea of guilty to misprision of a felony with a sentencing guidelines range of 0 to 6 months; a plea to disorderly conduct for a client arrested with two handguns in his possession in Queens; a decision not to prosecute a client who successfully cashed several counterfeit checks totaling more than $10,000 at various Manhattan banks;  a misdemeanor with community service for a property manager who embezzled $200,000 from a condominium complex; a misdemeanor conviction with community service for a client who forged over 60 prescriptions for narcotics; and a sentence of two years for a client who was facing a minimum of five years for burglary in the first degree after breaking into a woman’s house in the middle of the night wearing a ski-mask and assaulting her.

Does Jonathan Marks charge a consultation fee?

No, Jonathan Marks does not charge fee for a consultation.

How much does Jonathan Marks charge for every case?

Every case is different. Attorney Jonathan Marks believes that a lawyer should charge a fair fee reflecting the seriousness and complexity of the case and the number of hours it will require to resolve successfully. In arriving at a fee and the terms of payment, he also considers the client’s financial circumstances.  In light of that attitude, his fees are often more reasonable than those quoted by lawyers with less experience.

If you are facing criminal charges in New York City, Manhattan or Brooklyn and looking for expert and personalized legal assistance, please contact the New York City Law Firm of Jonathan Marks, P.C.

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