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Extortion is the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear.  This crime takes many forms, including armed robbery an blackmail.  Historically, extortion has been charged when organized crime figures use the threat of physical force in order to collect gambling debts.  These days, it is charged whenever a person uses the threat of force to obtain property, such as when the defendant holds somebody up with a gun.  In the federal system, these are known as Hobbs Act robberies.

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Blackmail is another kind of extortion.  People are frequently mistaken in believing that, under the law, they can threaten to initiate a criminal action or in order to collect a debt.

Whenever person “A” threatens person “B” to go the police with incriminating evidence unless B pays A money, the A is guilty of extortion.  This is so even if the money is legitimately owed.  It is prudent to retain a lawyer to obtain legitimately owed money.  The lawyer will not cross the line as a layman frequently will in attempting to recover debts. While,  it is a crime to threaten to go to the police it is not a crime to advise someone that his activity is criminal in nature.  These differences can be lost on non-lawyers, sometimes with painful results.

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In New York State, extortion is charged as Larceny or Attempted Larceny.  In the federal system, it can be charge in several different ways, including Hobbs Act violations and extortionate collection of a debt (loansharking).

Over the years, Jonathan Marks has represented many clients in both the state and federal criminal justice systems who have been charged with extortion.   If you are charged with extortion, please call Jonathan Marks, P.C. for a free consultation.

Extortion is the threat or use of force or for the purpose of obtaining money or another thing of value.  The important point

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