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New York City immigration fraud ATTORNEY

Jonathan Marks has represented clients charged with immigration fraud, including aliens, lawyers, immigration service providers, and spouses charged with entering into fraudulent marriages, with excellent results.  In a recent case, Jonathan Marks represented a lawyer charged with assisting an alien smuggler.  The evidence was such that he had to accept a plea bargain.  Through effective sentencing advocacy, Jonathan Marks was able to obtain a substantially reduced sentence for his client.  In other cases, he was able to establish that marriages which the authorities thought were bogus were, in fact, real.   Mr. Marks has recently been retained to represent a client charged with obtaining and selling green cards that the client believed were issued by a corrupt DHS employee.  In fact, the client was ensnared by undercover agents posing as corrupt officials.

Our New York White Collar Crime Lawyer can review your charges and help you proceed legally

Jonathan Marks has had substantial experience in this area. He can help anyone caught in the criminal investigators’ web by avoiding prosecution or conviction or by minimizing the harsh results, including removal from the United States,  that can flow from charges of immigration fraud.

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