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Money laundering is the engaging in financial transactions with the fruits of unlawful activities or with funds intended to be used in criminal activities coupled with attempts to conceal the nature of the funds.  Most financial crimes involve money laundering, which federal prosecutors routinely charge in addition to the underlying offense which they allege was the source of the funds.

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Whenever a person deposits illegitimate funds into a bank account that contains lawfully obtained funds he engages in money laundering. The theory is that by comingling the funds, he is concealing the nature of the illegitimate money. Any financial transaction involving funds derived from specified unlawful activity can form the basis for a money laundering charge.

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Because a money laundering conviction carries stiff penalties depending upon the amount of money involved, prosecutors use money laundering counts as bargaining chips.  They will offer to agree to dismiss the money laundering count in return for a plea of guilty to the underlying offense.

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