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When I was arrested and facing a federal charge, I was overwhelmed and started looking for lawyers. I met a lot of attorney back then. But Jon was the only one who can see through my case just from our first meeting. After hearing out my stories, the advises he gave me were right to the point. He is very wise. His defending strategy turned out to be successful and got me the best result finally.

With no question, Jon is an excellent, professional lawyer. Most importantly, he is a trustworthy man. I can totally trust on him. He helped me not only as my lawyer. He is very kind and helped in every way. During such a lengthy process, he always answered my call, he was always available to talk about my concerns. I felt confident and relieved because I had him on my side. With all his efforts, I was able to walk free from the court. I wouldn’t get such a good result so quickly without him. I am very lucky to have him represent my case and can’t be more thankful for his help.

Jon was tremendous during an extremely trying year for my family and I. Upon my arrest, which completely blindsided me, we met with several attorneys who all provided very little guidance or assurance. Jon was the only attorney who listened to the details of the case in a calm, engaged manner. He immediately launched an investigation and contacted multiple witnesses. He reached out to the ADA on my behalf and arranged for a meeting with the ADA on two separate occasions. He prepared me for the ADA's tough questioning. He provided the ADA with contact info for the witnesses and documentation that proved certain allegations were false. He argued that the alleged victim was unreliable and communicated the alleged victim’s financial motivations for lying. I was eventually offered a plea bargain; however, we remained resolute in my complete innocence and prepared for the seemingly inevitable – trial. I was completely confident in Jon’s readiness for trial. After a year of living in fear of being indicted, the case was dismissed. My family and I are forever grateful to Jon for his commitment and candor throughout the entire process.

I was asked to serve as the agent under a power of attorney for a longtime family friend. I recently learned that I was being investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in connection with financial decisions I made as her agent. Although I didn't believe I had done anything wrong I called Jon Marks, whom I had used previously and successfully in a civil litigation matter. Jonathan immediately advised me and prepped me for a meeting with the District Attorney’s Office. He advised me on what records I would need for the meeting to support my position, told me what questions to expect and prepared me on how to conduct myself at the meeting and how to answer the questions. Thanks to his help, the investigation was closed without any charges being brought against me. Jon's professionalism and kindness were key factors in obtaining a favorable outcome, and he has my highest recommendation.


This letter is our personal homage to Jonathan Marks, the attorney who represented our daughter and guided both her and the entire family from arrest to sentencing with extraordinary skill and sensitivity. Without his legal expertise, his warm and attentive heart and 24 hour availability, I do not believe we would have had the positive outcome we did. We were blindsided by the indictment of our daughter in a 14 person federal drug trafficking case. Her case was very complicated as she was already incarcerated on another charge in county jail. The entire sequence of events was a result of her implosion from a highly respected school teacher with a promising future to a drug addict drawn into criminal activity as a result of mental illness. Mr Marks is a brilliant strategist who is vastly experienced with the machinations of the legal system and how to negotiate the challenges wrought within this overwhelming behemoth. He legally mentored her through an arduous process of pre-trial rehab and supervision, always available to answer questions. She faced a potential of 40 years in prison and in the end, did not serve any jail time at all. Today she is on the road to a healthy recovery. Jon Mark’s combination of compassion, skilled guidance and legal acumen is a rare gift in an attorney whose successful reputation could have precluded the level of attention he provides. We will be forever grateful to have had his talent on our side.

I am writing this letter to let other people know about the excellent representation I received from Jonathan Marks.

I am the divorced mother of two young daughters. I was born in China and in 2008, I was involved in an acrimonious divorce after my husband attacked me and moved out of the house. I took him to Family Court.  Shortly after that, a horrible thing happened to me. The police claimed that they found drugs in my car and arrested me for a felony. I went to a lawyer, who told me that I should plead guilty because the case was unwinnable. If I had pled guilty, I would have been deported. 

I then met with Jonathan Marks, who explained to me that it looked as though I had been framed and that the police did not have the right to search my car. He advised me to fight the charge. I told Mr. Marks that the drugs were not mine and that someone else who had keys to the car must have put the drugs inside the car. My ex-husband had keys to the car. Mr. Marks asked the judge for a hearing. It lasted for two days, and Mr. Marks was able to prove that the police did not have any legitimate reason to search my car. The judge threw out the drugs. The District Attorney decided not to appeal the decision, and the case was dismissed.

If I had not found Jonathan Marks, I believe that I would have gone to prison. Without question, I would have been sent back to China. Thanks to Mr. Marks, the nightmare is over. 

My husband, Dr.S. E.., had a dental license issue. I found Mr..Marks on the Internet and I want to give an outstanding testimonial about how well he represented my husband during his dental board review. Not only did Mr. Marks do an excellent job, he is also a very kind, down-to-earth human being who has a lot of heart.

Recently, I came across ur website and I really wanted other browsers to know what an all-around-great guy and outstanding lawyer u are. It's hard when u r looking for a lawyer and what I remember most about u is that u contacted me back immediately and even called later. ( this was in 2008) U gave me hope that S’s license could be saved which I conveyed to my husband. Believing that he had a chance to keep his license helped him get through his darkest days.

Once again, thank you and S sends his warmest regards.

Dr. E came to Jonathan Marks after having been convicted of a serious felony in federal court.   At a hearing before the Regents Review Committee, the State argued forcibly for revocation of Dr. E's dental license. Mr. Marks argued that Dr. E had been punished enough and that a short suspension of his license was sufficient. The Regents agreed with Mr. Marks and imposed a three month suspension.  Dr. E is practicing dentistry again.  

I was charged with Mail Fraud, Bank Fraud and Identity Theft at the federal level. Up until that point, all I've ever faced was state and municipal charges. I really had no idea of the trouble I was in until I started to review my case and saw that I was facing close to ten years. A conviction at this point in my life would have virtually ended any hope for a fresh start.

Mr. Marks listened to me and assembled a plan of action that saved my life. Because of his actions and familiarity with the justice system, I was able to be released on bond and take the proactive steps to reconstruct my life. In addition, his expertise procured a sentence of time served and five years of supervised release. I am convinced that without his help, I would have done a considerable amount of time in prison and my children would have had to spend a big part of their lives without their father.


AB was charged in the Southern District of New York and sentenced in July 2012.

"I am a hard working small business owner. Accidentally I was caught breaking the law and faced federal charges. That was the worst time of my life. After talking to five best lawyers in Manhattan, I decided to have Mr. Marks to help me with the case, putting my life and my family’s future in Mr. Marks’s hand.

The decision was made with confidence not only because of Mr. Marks’ education and years of practice, but also his sincerity and wisdom. Jon does not put your document and discoveries in team helper’s desks. He meets my schedule, spends time with me to listen and talk, analyze my situation and explain the law. He makes realistic suggestions and tells you what to do and possible result to expect. His wisdom and experiences make him almost sees the situation transparent and we did almost all necessary that should be done together. The result is just the best it can be.
Thanks to Mr. Marks outstanding help, now, my family’s future is back; I can take a deep breath, and again focus on my business. I’d love to have Jon as my life time friend and guidance"


My situation was deteriorating from bad to worse daily. My friends found Attorney Jonathan Marks. After they explained my difficult situation to Mr. Marks, Mr. Marks explained the process and complications of my release and with confidence, told my friends it was possible to have me released on bail to start.

Attorney Jonathan Marks was immediately mandated to represent me. Attorney Jonathan Marks then came to the detention center in New York to meet with me. In only the very first meeting with Mr. Marks, he rapidly stepped up to the challenge, gathered information from me then later instructed my friends and family of all the detailed steps necessary to prepare for my bail hearing. All of Mr. Marks’s activities were completed within a 24 hour period. There were various complications to what was needed prior to my hearing, however, with the experience of Mr. Marks, all preparations orchestrated by him allowed him to collect all the necessary information, effectively and in an extremely timely manner. In 20/20 hind sight, without the guidance and expertise of his work, the outcome we had hoped for the bail hearing would not have been realised.

During the bail hearing, Attorney Jonathan Marks litigated and overwhelmingly defeated the arguments the U.S Attorney brought forth. Once arguments were presented and completed, the Judge had no choice other than to have me released on a bail bond. This was our first victory. Attorney Jonathan Marks presented all the facts in a manner of which his opponent had little if any chance to beat. Further, with his arguments, Attorney Jonathan Marks shot holes through the entire case against me.

In the months that followed Attorney Jonathan Marks worked diligently with me and put me on a path to gather evidence to build his case. With many discussions between himself and the U.S Attorney the case against me was weakening daily. His skilful planning and strategic positioning of the facts continued to weaken for the U.S attorney. The evidence Attorney Jonathan Marks instructed me to compile was so strong, that lead to a victory. The case against me was dismissed. There couldn’t of been a better outcome! When you’re in need of a compassionate expert defence attorney, skilled in the art of law, hire the best there is, Attorney Jonathan Marks.

Mr. Marks, you saved my life. I am eternally grateful to your legal expertise.

Now I am at home enjoying myself with my family. Even though I have few restrictions, the matter of being with my family renders me maximum satisfaction.

It is with deepest appreciation I expedite this correspondence to you. This is to express millions of thanks to you for your expert execution in defending me and your knowledge of the federal legal system. I am very thankful to you for the sentence of probation by Judge Denise Cote.

The strategies you utilized in defending me were unimaginable. Your defense was extraordinary. You were able to convince Judge Cote to sentence me to probation.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity in continuing my religious ministries and serving God's people. Thank you for keeping me with my family. The result would have been devastating without you.

May God continually direct your thought, word and deed. May God abundantly bless you and render you prosperity.

Thanks once more for defending me.

It's H.J.

“Facing federal charges was absolutely petrifying. I frantically dialed every lawyer in town. I knew immediately after speaking momentarily to Jonathan Marks that everything was going to be okay. His confidence and wisdom set the tone for the most trying period of my life and compelled me to act and think with courage. Even as it seemed that life was being taken away from me, having Jonathan on my side caused me to have no doubts about the trial. Sure enough, we were granted a most favorable decision by a tough Judge, just as Jonathan said we would from the beginning. Because of Jonathan, I have not only been given a renewed life but also have received guidance and tools to create a living beyond what I ever imagined was possible.”


M. T. was arrested in 2009 for the assault of an EMT technician and the attempted bribery of a police officer. The next year, Jonathan Marks was able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss all criminal charges.  The client wrote the following testimonial:

Being in a situation requiring the need of a criminal defense attorney is never easy. Apart from the immediate stress of the situation, there is the prolonged anxiety around the uncertain outcome. Jonathan was an excellent partner in managing my case, demonstrating empathy for my personal circumstances and true advocacy on my behalf for the near and long-term. From the moment I contacted him, Jonathan demonstrated a sense of urgency and a bias for action. The favorable outcome of my case is directly attributable to the efforts of Jonathan Marks.

M. T.

I was arrested by police officers as I crossed the street in front of my apartment building. The officers searched me without my permission and claimed that I had an illegal weapon in my possession. I spent several hours in a precinct holding cell and spent the night in a courthouse cell, in total almost a full day of incarceration. It was at this point that Mr. Marks entered the picture - securing my immediate release from the courthouse.

In the two court appearances that followed, Mr. Marks was steadfast in demanding the dismissal of the charges against me despite the initial recalcitrance of the prosecution.

When brought before a judge my case was immediately dismissed.


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