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New york city telemarketing fraud

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Telemarketing fraud involves sales and solicitations over the telephone with the express intent to obtain funds on the basis of false representations. These fraudulent schemes include selling non-existent products or services or seeking solicitations for phony charities or offering commissions for the use of the victim’s bank account, by way of example.

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The people behind these schemes generally target the elderly and the poor and rely on multilayered operations and representations to convince the targets to divulge credit card information and other sensitive information over the telephone. Con artists using the telephone engage in many different tactics and scams to target their potential victims. Some of the most widely used include:

  • Pyramid Schemes - In these frauds, con artists enroll victims in a business model that cannot sustain itself. In these schemes, an initial buy-in price promises a high return on investment that never comes. There are many variants that use the same basic premise.
  • Advance Fee Fraud - This is one of the most common scams. In this fraud, victims pay a small upfront fee to collect a much bigger monetary sum or prize that they have supposedly won.
  • Charity Fraud - Often used during times of crisis, this scam uses deception and misrepresentation to get victims to believe they are donating to a well-known charity or organization. It is also used to get victims to donate to a charity that does not even exist.
  • Checking Account Fraud - In this extremely popular scheme, the victim is persuaded to permit the fraudster to deposit large (counterfeit) checks in his bank account. Once the check clears, the victim is instructed to keep a commission for himself and wire the balance of the proceeds to a dupe, who has similarly been victimized by the con-man. The con artist is usually overseas and out of the reach of U. S. law enforcement. It is not until days later that the victim’s bank freezes the victims account, leaving him holding the bag.

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If you believe you are being investigated for telemarketing fraud or have been accused of fraud in New York City, it is vital to contact a criminal defense lawyer, like Jonathan Marks PC, who will represent you throughout the proceedings and fight against the accusations with a focus on your best interests. The penalties can be harsh. If the defendant is not a U. S. citizen, he faces deportation.

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