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New York City Embezzlement Lawyers


Embezzlement occurs when someone entrusted with goods, usually money or equivalents, dishonestly appropriates them for his own use.  Embezzlement, which can run from an employee’s taking money from a store’s cash register to government personnel using sophisticated means to make millions of dollars disappear.  Embezzlement, which is often considered a white-collar crime, is an umbrella term under which embezzlers can be accused of a variety of charges including, but not limited to:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Check fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Property theft
  • Account falsification

Contact a New York Criminal Attorney specialized in Embezzlement cases

When someone is accused of embezzlement, the potential penalties are considerable including jail time, fines, and restitution.  The resulting negative fallout can permanently alter the life of those directly and indirectly involved. In cases involving large sums of money or property, the resulting media attention can gravely damage the reputation of those accused even though they later may be found not guilty.  In these instances, it is vital to have an experienced, effective defense attorney in your corner.  New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer  Jonathan Marks has had many years of experience successfully helping people accused of such crimes.  Call him for a consultation, for which there is no charge.

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