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New york city insurance fraud lawyer

Insurance Fraud Attorney

In federal criminal law, insurance fraud refers to fraud perpetrated by insurance companies, whereas in common parlance the term refers to fraud committed against insurance companies.  The latter crimes are prosecuted under the mail and wire fraud statutes.  The seriousness of such crimes, i.e., the sentences they carry, is driven by the amount of the intended loss or gain. 

Our criminal attorney has defended clients against resource heavy prosecutors

A review of the various sorts of fraud targeting insurance companies demonstrates the ingenuity of the human mind.  They include staging automobile accidents, murder in order to collect life insurance benefits, and creating false medical reports to support accident claims.  The defense of such cases is particularly challenging because the insurance companies employ skilled investigators who have the manpower and resources to put together cases, which they then hand over to the FBI or other law enforcement agencies.  The agencies refer the cases to the Department of Justice for prosecution.  

The defense lawyer representing someone charged with defrauding insurance companies will frequently seek the assistance of investigators, accident reconstructionists and medical experts.  The use of such experts will often massively increase the cost of mounting a defense. 

If you are aware of possible criminal charges, seek attorney representation immediately

A person being investigated for insurance fraud is well advised to retain counsel early on and not wait until he is arrested.  Time is on the side of the Government, which has put in hundreds of man-hours of investigation before any arrests are made.  This fact puts a defense lawyer who is retained only after an arrest is made in the position of having to play catch up. 

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