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New York prescription fraud Lawyer

Prescription fraud comes in two varies.  (1) There are those who get ahold of prescription pads and write fraudulent prescriptions to themselves in order to satisfy their need for more prescription drugs.  (2) There are others who hire people to obtain prescriptions by convincing doctors that they need Percocet or Oxycontin.  The people who obtain the prescriptions, fill them and sell the pills to the wholesaler for a relatively small price per pill.  The wholesaler who buys the pills sells them at a large profit to middlemen or directly to addicts. 

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Those who engage in prescription fraud to satisfy their habits  need is treatment for the addiction.  The defense lawyer’s job is to show the prosecutor and the judge that his client’s crime is a symptom of a disease and should be treated as such.  The criminal defense lawyer should make sure that his client gets treatment and stays out of jail.  Jonathan Marks has been successful in accomplishing such a result for his clients. 

The other kind of prescription fraud is more serious and carries harsher punishment.   In these cases, the client is motivated by money. Cases against those who obtain and fill the prescriptions are based on the databases that show every prescription filled and the name on the prescription.  When DEA sees evidence that one person is filling prescriptions for amounts of pills in excess of a reasonable daily dose, usually by going to more than one doctor, they can make a case. 

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Sometimes the doctors and the pharmacists become targets.  Cases against the doctors depend on the testimony of the patients that the doctor wrote the prescriptions without taking a history or conducting an examination the results of which would warrant the issuance of the prescriptions.  Doctors who fail to keep records justifying the issuance of the prescriptions can get into trouble.  Pharmacists who fill prescriptions far in excess of what a patient might require to manage pain kind also find themselves in trouble.

Cases against the wholesalers, doctors and pharmacists are usually based, in part, on the testimony of  cooperators who fill the prescriptions and can be defended by impeaching the credibility of such witnesses.  Should the evidence against such defendants be so strong that a plea bargain rather than a trial is the sensible course of action,  it is sometimes possible to find mitigating circumstances that will keep the client’s sentence low.  One such mitigating factor can be that the defendant who filled the prescriptions used some of the pills himself instead of selling them.  Since the sentencing guidelines are driven by the number of pills obtained, reducing the amount lowers the client’s sentencing exposure.

Jonathan Marks has handled all varieties of prescription fraud cases with favorable results and can help or your loved ones being investigated o charged with prescription fraud.   Once someone is arrested for such a crime, he and his family think the worst.  Jonathan Marks will show you  how such cases can be defended.

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