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Recent Successful Cases


Our New York Lawyer Jon Marks has obtained the following results over the past three or so years:

A Tanzanian salesman was charged in the Eastern District with the importation of more than a kilogram of heroin hidden in his luggage.  After pleading guilty, Mr. Marks’ client was sentenced to time served based upon his extraordinary family circumstances. (U. S. v. K.)

An Australian college student was arrested in Manhattan for misdemeanor possession of cocaine.  Mr. Marks was able to negotiate a disposition that permitted the student to return home immediately without a criminal record.  (People v. H. N.)

A woman in Queens was charged with felony possession of drugs.  Following a hearing to suppress the evidence, the case dismissed. (People v. Z. L)

Our client, a businessman, was charged with attempted robbery with a knife. Case dismissed. (People v. B. H. )

Defendant was charged with possession of drugs.  Case dismissed.  (People v. B. H.)

Client was sentenced to 15 years for murder in aid of racketeering.  After taking over the case, Mr. Marks obtained a reduced sentence of 10 years, resulting in defendant’s release.  (U. S. v. A. P.)

A CPA was charged with theft of services.  Case dismissed.  (People v. D. Z.)

A defendant was charged with possession of a loaded weapon and narcotics.  He received a sentence of six months and five years probation.  (People v. A. M.)

A  fund manager was found guilty of securities fraud involving a loss of $40 million.  Mr. Marks was able to obtain a sentence 13 years below the sentence sought by the government under the sentencing guidelines.  (U. S. v. A. V.)

A physician was indicted for health care fraud and trafficking in hundreds of Oxycodone tablets in the Southern District of New York (SDNY).  Jon Marks obtained a sentence of 36 months, eight years below the sentencing guidelines range.

A famous hedge fund manager  was charged with Securities Fraud in the SDNY and retained us for sentencing.  He received a sentence more than ten years lower than the government requested.

An office manager was being investigated by her former employer for embezzlement.  She repaid the funds and was never charged criminally.

The CEO of a hospital was investigated for fraud by the Brooklyn District Attorney.  He was never charged criminally.

After Mr. Marks’ client hit a woman with his car, he stopped and then fled the scene, resulting in her death.  He was charged with depraved indifference murder and leaving the scene after he fled the country.  Mr. Marks’ client was arrested in Panama on an Interpol red notice and was returned to the United States.  Mr. Mark was able to negotiate a plea to manslaughter.

A n executive was charged with assault in New York County.  The charges were dismissed.

A physician was under investigation by the New York County District Attorney for grand larceny arising from his transfer of funds from the account of an allegedly cognitively-impaired old lady.  Investigation closed without charges.

An executive at a public company was charged with insider trading arising from his selling inside information to a friend that his employer was about to acquire another company.  Jonathan Marks negotiated a plea agreement which resulted in his client receiving a sentence of restitution without any prison time in the District of New Jersey.

An entrepreneur raised several millions of dollars in bridge loans for a business venture.  He was investigated by the New York County District Attorney’s Office for making false representations t0 his lenders.  Jonathan Marks successfully persuaded the District Attorney’s Office to exercise its prosecutorial discretion by not to file charges and to close its investigation.

An employee of a hedge fund distributed false information to the fund’s customers overstating the fund’s performance.  He pled guilty in the Eastern  District of New York.  Mr. Marks obtained a non-custodial sentence for his client.

A physician sold thousands of Oxycodone tablets to drug dealers.  On the basis of Jonathan Marks’s extensive sentencing submissions in the Southern District of New York, his client received a prison sentence of 36 months at a medical facility.

A businessman delivered ten pounds of marijuana to a drug dealer.  Jonathan Marks ‘s client pled guilty to a  misdemeanor and received a sentence of three years probation in Manhattan Supreme Court.

A civil engineer was charged with possession of designer drugs with intent to distribute.  Mr. Marks obtained a repleader sentence in New York County by which his client would not have a criminal record.

A woman was arrested after the police found a large quantity of designer drugs in her car.  After a successful hearing resulting in the suppression of the drugs, Mr. Marks was able to get all charges dismissed in Supreme Court, Queens County.

The bookkeeper for a wholesale office supply company embezzled $300,000 from her employer.   Jonathan Marks negotiated a settlement with the company resulting in no criminal charges being brought against his client.

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