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Smuggling is a type of crime that involves the illegal transportation of something – goods, drugs, and even people.  If you are under investigation for any type of smuggling crime, please contact our law firm today to speak with a New York smuggling crimes lawyer.

New York smuggling crimes attorney Jonathan Marks offers rigorous criminal defense legal services for clients facing charges for smuggling in both federal and New York State courts.

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Our firm has successfully defended all types of smuggling crimes, especially those pertaining to drug cases.  Drug smuggling cases are extremely serious in as much as they can carry very harsh penalties, including mandatory minimum sentences.  The mandatory minimum sentence can, in some cases, be voided through the use of "safety-valve." In the New York state system, the Rockefeller Laws, although their harshness has been moderated somewhat in recent years, still call for extremely long sentences. 

A New York Criminal Lawyer can review your smuggling charge

Any type of drug or smuggling related conviction on your permanent record can be the cause of many problems in your life, both personally and professionally. If you are not a United States citizen, a smuggling conviction will usually result in removal or deportation. An experienced criminal defense attorney can answer questions and guide the accused through the complex legal labyrinth.

If you are under investigation for smuggling crimes, your immediate call should be to an experienced criminal defense attorney who offers aggressive, thoughtful representation, deals directly with prosecutors, speaks on your behalf and insures that your rights are protected. Contact an experienced New York smuggling crime attorney Jon Marks, for help with your case. He does not charge for an initial consultation.

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